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  1. victoria

    Why are some things so important to be said, that the words should be lit up, in view where many, many people can read them – such as an amber alert? And yet I had to StumbleUpon it, @ an obscure website named Deshoda…or the the edge of the internet and back…

  2. Captain McNerdius

    “Fortunate” requires perspective as well, though.

    A homeless fella in America, suffering from a legitimate disability, who is not able to help himself, and is not being helped. He looks around and sees riches. SEES IT, not just knows of it. (And no, don’t get started on that ‘just get a job’ BS – he would have to get clean get clothes get medical care get….. on and on first.)

    A native of some poor country, something you might see on television. They are all poor. They know this, this is what they live. They were raised this way, and no nothing different other than perhaps stories, photographs, and the occasional visitor, who lilkely comes and HELPS them.

    I am thinking the latter better copes with their poverty. Could be wrong.

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  6. Christopher

    Is this available as a poster? I would love to put it up in my classroom.

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