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  1. kaelemel

    Kinda looks like lindsay lohan

  2. rkelley7891

    Sooo… this is supposed to be making fun of transgendered people? A girl who was born a boy but transitions to become female is no less a woman than one born so. So yes, if you “think she’s cute” then cool, because that’s a chick. Get over your ignorance; educate yourself.

  3. Shonari

    Do you see anyone making fun of Transgendered @rkelley789? Just want to highlight how far the whole thing has come…so much that you cant tell the difference. No one said she was less of a woman. You are who you want to be. Its quite brilliant if you ask me…to each his own.

    And do i think she’s cute?….Of course…who wouldnt?

    This blog doesnt make fun of anything… We just hightlight things of interest, profound quotes and images, we try not to belittle anyone especially Kim Petras.


  4. funny

    dude… she started hormones at the age of 12… i dont know why would she be any less of a woman… people these days care too much whos a she or a he.. its all the same

  5. funny

    its the PERSONALITY that counts… and what the person is showing to be.. i dont need to stick my nose into women legs to say that shes a HE… cause i simply dont care… and its not even my problem…

  6. anon

    “We just hightlight things of interest, profound quotes and images.”

    well i’m sure that one up there is a perfect example of that. very profound.

    by the way, if you really do not want to ridicule transgendered people, just refrain from posting things like these. it may not explicitely state that you are not supposed to think her cute, but it’s implicit in the rhetorical question and the answer given.
    this is a very sensitive subject, what with all the cis-sexcism going on; not to mention that it isn’t any of your damn business what gender that girl was assigned at birth.

  7. Vlad

    Yes, this is making fun of those freaks and it is hilarious.
    @rkelly7891: “A girl who was born a boy but transitions to become female is no less a woman than one born so.”
    That is actually untrue. You see, nearly all mammals are assigned chromosomes. A male inherits the XY pair, while a female inherits XX. Biologically, this is a male. He was born with a penis, and therefore negates any female characteristics. You cannot get rid of the Y chromosome. Even when this kid is dead and gone, his skeletal structure will reveal traits of a male, which can be found by the shaping of the pelvic bone. Therefore, this thing will, and always be male. You can’t dispute the science of it.
    I hope this enlightens you and helps you get over your ignorance…

  8. Micha

    people talking about people … it’s just a girl … if I would loose my finger in a horrible accident noone would care … if someone else had an operation to cut off his “finger” then the world tells everyone. guys please buy a book and read something really interesting … (it feels like a whitch hunt in the middle age …) …

    grow up! man …

    too much blahhh blaaahh will destroy the world …

  9. Vlad, you are quite confused. The chromosomes may be an indicator of SEX, but it does not control ones’ GENDER. Furthermore, even sex isn’t as clear cut as you want to believe. There are plenty of people who are born with extra chromosomes. What is the sex of someone with XXY chromosomes? What about someone with the XYY variation? Or those with XXX instead? And what about those with just one X chromosome (XO)? And these are just the known variations. There could be many, many more out there in a world of 6 billion+ people.

    I hope this enlightens YOU and helps you get one step closer to becoming knowledgeable about genetics and social constructs like gender.

  10. Erin

    @Vlad – lighten up man! Are you going to go through life demanding blood samples from all your dates just to guarentee you get at set of XX vs XY chromosomes in a mate? All you gotta really know is if she can give you a child if that is a make or break for you. Most people marry the gender and chromosomes are only a brief if ever after thought unless there is some overwhelming reason the family name needs to be propelled into the future. If she presents as a female and reacts as a female, sounds female, feels like a female, smells like a female to you, creates a feeling in you strong enough that you would kill to protect her, she takes your name, lays down on her back and receives you out of love for you – what more do you need to know? Goto Youtube and view a couple of her recent (she is now 19, not the 15 or 16 year old in the pic above) blogs and I’ll bet you will come around. Regarding the pelvic bone, in Kim’s case don’t place a lot of money on that one, she never went through male puberty – she received female hormones at 12 or 13 – don’t assume her pervic bone knitted like a man’s would.


    Nothing wrong here. Look at the bright side. A hot chick that is as horny as me. Finally! x)

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