The CSI Effect

The popular television show CSI blur the lines between fact and fiction so much that fact becomes lost in the shows numerous exaggerated scripting errors, all in the name of good TV. Continue reading…

‘S’ Sense

Sadly, I am seen as something of a simpleton with sacks of simple, sordid suggestions and statements. The stigma served to me is something short of spectacular and somewhat stimulating. I shall be stoic and shrug off all stultification and stand solid, sustaining my simple speech so as to stay sincere to self. Someone sufficiently smart to substantiate something somewhat substandard should not speak sparingly. This sojourn into my subconscious is meant specifically to sensitize the segregated segment of society specified by their synthesis.

In summation i am simply scripting this synopsis to show how splendid it is to scribble seemingly shoddy shite.