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  1. CMLusitania

    The word “fuck” in Portuguese is actually “Foder” and not “Froder”.

  2. Victoria

    The word fuck in an acronym for


    You can thank the Roman Catholic Church for F.U.C.K.

  3. Harlowe Thrombey

    That was fucking interesting.

  4. Janelle

    hahaha i love the “F Word” lol

  5. Fabio

    In italian is not “fangula” (meaningless) but “fanculo” that is an abbreviation of “vai a fare in culo” that means “go fucking in you ass”. Anyway the translation used in the italian movies for fuck is “cazzo” that is “dick”..

  6. sherry

    actually i heard its from old english law… stood for Fornication … u…oh my minds gone blank on that one… maybe Unlawful? without Consent of King. but that may be just a old wives tale…
    BUT best use of fuck ever was by my Scottish friend billy.
    he was on the toilet playing the gameboy when i heard him shout….” FUCK! fuckin fuckers fucking FUCKED!!!!! ” lol
    how many other words can you use SIX times in a row, and have it be the only word in the sentence, and have it make ANY FUCKIN SENSE AT ALL?

  7. jeff

    I have always been told it meant fornicating under carnal knowledge now go fuck yourself you fucking fuck

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