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  1. Roger Kenyon

    I agree with this and now know why I am essentially a loner.

  2. Andreas

    Well if you knew about Nietzsche, you wouldn’t wanna agree with this – he was a pitiful little bastard that sought his own theory to find out, why exactly he was lonely. Not because he was an narcistic ass, but rather because he was a better being! The consequence of his philosophy (via fregel) led to hitlers idology in the end.

    So i wouldn’t sympathize with him too much 😉

  3. effettonotte

    he retired into the wilderness to escape the madding crowd didn’t he, and who wouldn’t?

  4. fritz

    Andreas, you are in the wrong. Nietzsche’s philosophy was contrair to nationalsocialism in many aspects (like antisemitism, since Nietzsche was philosemetic; racism; German nationalism; socialism). Nietzsche had little respect for German culture, with exceptions of Wagner, Schopenhauer etc.; he was more of a francophile. He was often misunderstood in that aspect too, Americans often think when he writes about the “blonde beast” he was referring to “aryans” while he was referring simply to a lion in a roman colloseum. Things like that. The Nazis used his name for their purpose because he was an important German thinker but they had a different understand on his theory of power and the will/struggle to power. The most important work for the nazis of him, was mostly written by his sister after his death. His sister was a nationalsocialist. I would recommend you to actually read books like Human, all too Human or the Gay Science before writing such absolute, arrogant and wrong statement. Pardon my English.

  5. fritz

    “he retired into the wilderness to escape the madding crowd didn’t he, and who wouldn’t?”
    Not really. That was Zarathustra, the prophet character in his book “thus spoke zarathustra”. Nietzsche often traveled to places like Switzerland and Italy though because he was of the opinion that the climate influenced his thinking (and he was of bad health).

  6. Guillermo

    Nietzsche did have admiration for the german culture, even when he criticized it too. The relation between Nazis and Nietzsche is something that has not to be taken so serious. It is better for everybody to read him and struggle in order to understand his true thinking.
    And Nietzsche, like his character, Zaratustra, was a lonely man because he aimed to shout (he had to) against modern man, whos morality, according to Nietzsche, was inmoral.
    Sorry for my English too.

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