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  1. I am the one who says they are not real. I have more authority than a drugged-out egotistical musician. Even if he was a genius at that, it doesn’t make him worth anything in any other field.

  2. Steve

    Shame his philosophy is backwards. It’s not on the disbeliever to disprove existence, but on the believe to prove it.

  3. Very sad comments. Statements about belief, and imagination aren’t at all about proofs. They are philosophical comments regarding the nature of reality, and even a quantum physics professor can’t answer that in a definitive way. Oh, and Lennon was not drugged out in the later years before his murder. Take a deep breath, and relax. Art, subjective reality, and all things regarding imagination and how we think have no need EVER to be proved. They are part of our journey through life, and they change constantly in a good artist. Symbols like dragons and the mythology they represent are part of human nature–they don’t have to be flesh and blood to be real.

  4. Beliefs ARE about proofs. The burden of proof is on the one making the claims. If I tell you I believe I have invented an anti-gravity belt, would you accept that and try it off the roof of a tall building without proof?

    I’m very sorry for anyone that can’t understand this. They will fall victim to any con artist making even the most outrageous claims. I mean religions, politicians, and other scams.

  5. Rita Marsden

    I don’t know what happened to you to make you so cynical, but i’m sorry that it did.

  6. Eleanor

    I think what the quote is trying to say is that to the dreamer, their dreams are real. No one, scientist or cynic can tell someone that their dream is not real, because it is not their dream. They can tell them it won’t come true, which, granted, most will not, but there is no reason do discourage the dreamer, but no proof that they can offer to say that the dream is unreal. Where would be be today if it were not for dreamers? And James, the only thing that gives you authority over Lennon is that he’s dead and you’re not. He should be valued in his field. This is meerly a deep, thoughtful musing, not intended to be scrutinized by science or any other field. It’s his personal belifes, and no one should ever be mocked for their beliefs. All men are created equal.

  7. myint zaw

    John Lennon wrote a song “Imagine” which is still perfect with current situation of the worlrd.I accept his quotation.Have no point to argue cause everybody has the right & freedom to reveal his thinkings.

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