Loving every bit of you

I love you through and through. I love your top side, I love your bottom side, I love your inside and outside I love your happy side, your sad side. Your silly side and mad side, I love your fingers and toes, Your ears and nose I love your hair and eyes, Your giggles and cries I love you running and walking Silent and Talking, I love you through and through, Yesterday, today and tomorrow too.

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  1. random

    i dont know who wrote this but i have been trying to tell someone close to me exactly this i could not put in better words thank you so much

  2. kelly.

    this if from a childrens book that i read with my nephew. great book.

  3. Val.

    The author of this children’s book is Bernadette Rossetti Shustak.

  4. Bea

    who wrote this? it’s adorable :’)

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