Smart and Insightful yet Stupid

I am in a constant battle with my mind. I go from thinking that I am special for being “intelligent” to realizing that being aware of my being special is, in fact a sign that I am just seeking attention and simply something I like thinking about myself. then I realize that being aware of that fact counter-acts itself, and I am stuck in an endless paradox of myself. I have not yet learned how to stop and just say “it doesn’t matter”.

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  1. saansch

    This is just great!
    You don´t know how often i have exact the same thought!!!
    Keep up writing…
    Greets from Austria

  2. Yourlover

    I feel like you and I are the same person, but in different bodies and places. You should smoke some weed though.

    Great writing, though.

  3. Heh...

    Strangely enough I feel the same exact way.

  4. Dave Ellington

    My names not really Dave Ellington…

  5. Someone

    You don’t need to learn it doesn’t matter,
    Just to let it be.
    Enjoy your intelligence, enjoy being special.
    listen to the wind and the sounds it carries
    And if all else fails… Devo!

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