Ten best non-sex feelings ever

  1. The feeling you first wake up but don’t have to get out of bed yet.
  2. Getting goosebumps from music/movie.
  3. When you’re congested as fuck and then suddenly your nostrils open up.
  4. Winning a prize/contest
  5. A description that’s way too accurate for this time of the morning and that “vacated bowels” feeling you get after.
  6. Thinking the cop behind you with his lights on is going to pull you over but then he passes you and you’re fine
  7. Crushing my enemies, seeing them drive before me, and hearing their lamentations of their women.
  8. Eating a good meal
  9. Getting my hair shampooed/cut at a salon/barber.
  10. When you finally get rid of that thing stuck in your teeth.

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  1. teena stetic

    Allow your breath to be taken away by something beautiful.

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  3. terroronaunicycle

    #7 is the one that got me

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